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My work includes Photography,  Painting, Sketching, Body Casting, Physical Objects, and Tree Roots. In other words, I never found a specialty. My Photography, like my Art, is diverse. I will shoot a picture of a cute insect or a fantastic sunset. The difference between Photography and Art is that Photography is nearly instanteous while my Art is a charcoal sketch, a painting, an assembly of things, something surreal, or something abstract. But do not think that a photo is just a simple camera click. Changing camera settings, waiting for the right lighting or time of day, and with the powerfull software, a photograph can be as tedious as a sketch or painting.

One of my specialties is wood. Recently after building a deck using pine planks, I noted the extraordinary beauty and complexity of "knots". (Knots are locations in a tree where she extends her branches. Every knot is lke a human face, no two alike. Also took note that there is a portion of female anatomy which is quite complex with tiny hills and valleys along with a tunnel. I began to look at those knots as nature mimicing a female part.

Since my art is limited, I can display my entire "talent" in one page. You can take note of the variety. Unlike most "artists", I have no specialty. I paint with acrylics and sketch with pen, pencil or charcoal. Some of my art is three dimensional. Yes, sculpture-ish. This includes tree roots that nature has gifted to me. Small trees that were uprooted, exposed to the air, sun, rain and I would like to call "organic sculpture". Over the years, I have collected electronic stuff. My biggest sin was throwing out an antique Edison wax cylinder dictating machine. But I have collections of lamps, switches, connectors, and such. I am assembling same into objects. Not sure if I will be selling them. But have fun looking at them.

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