about KEVIN . . . a blurb-liography

I have two photographic interests, the photography of anything on the planet and motorsports racing. I am a media photographer for Summit Point Raceway in WV. Over the years I have attended most of the race tracks on the east coast. I was an advertising photographer for McMillan Ring Free Oil. (However, for excellent motorsports photography, visit, www.billstoler.com, a good friend.)

My photographic interests include pictures of mother nature in all her glory, scenics, flowers, insects, fungi, trees, landscapes, and my latest passion....WOOD.  I live atop the Blue Ridge in Virginia. My home, surrounded by tall ash, hickory, oak, walnut, is immersed in the woods. I have a log splitter and two antique stoves. They say wood warms you many times, felling a dead tree, bucking it, hauling it, splitting it and finally, loading and lighting the stoves. But Ansel Adams and Paul Strand would be proud of me. One day, splitting a log, I discovered another one of mommy natures environmental processing technologies....bugs. They like to eat damp, rotting wood. And when they do, they leave a chemical trail staining their tunneling. To me, works of art! In addition, I found that some logs split in patterns that are pathways based on the grain. I am forced to photograph these gracefull patterns. So you are going to find lots of silly photos of chunks of wood. Also look for Ashley... a piece of an ash tree, an almost white wood, were there are two bumps clearly mimicing the female chest. And on one expedition into the woods, found a small tree root. It was fully exposed, aged grey, with other beauty marks. I thus discovered another magical act of nature. She exposed the hidden root system, another wonder that otherwise is never seen.

A few years ago, I spent a full day at the National Gallery of Art at the Smithsonian. This, just to admire the genius of the great painters and sculptors. On the way out, in the last gallery, I saw several large photos of twisted pieces of wood. As I moved closer, not just twisted wood, but a small grouping of driftwood on a beach. These were photographs made by Paul Strand in 1928. He recognized that Mother Nature can assemble works of art. After viewing and studying his "wood" I had no problem exposing and honoring chunks of wood as works of art.

My grandmother painted with oils and, as a youngster, I loved the smell of linseed oil. I was given a "how to draw" book one Christmas along with a few charcoal pencils and some paper. I learned to draw from that book. Many many years later, I learned how to paint with acrylics by duplicating William Michael Harnett's trompe l oeil  "After The Hunt". Beyond that, I experimented with surrealism, realism, and unusual techniques. This web site does reveal some of this foolishness.

And I am a published poet, have one patent, FAA Certified Pilot, built my home including studs, walls, siding, roof, wiring, and plumbing. Jerk of all trades, Master of none and finally, writing a book on god, the scope of the universe, and life within said universe.

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