I am a confused, partially multitalented artist. I often admit to myself that I am either a jack of all trades or perhaps with a bit more humility, a JERK of all trades. Herein find both my photography and my art, meaning paintings, body casting, and other "OBJETS D'ART" . Some on this site, I will also post photos of found objects of art that nature has created over time. And I am a collector of stuff. When I have a set of some kinds of stuff, I take a photo of it. You will that here too. And finally, to earn a retirement living, I do motorsports photography. ENJOY...


The Crescent Rock Overlook
(A short but healthy walk from my home.)

Unlike painting and sketching, photography is instanteous "art". Almost? Todays software gives the photographer great power in cleaning up photos. Carried to the extreme, software can do amazing things. I, like most photographers, tend to be a purest. The photo above is a pristine example. I pressed the button after pointing the lens and using the zoom to crop (frame) the image...no magic here. Anyone standing on that rock could capture the same scene.

You will find that, aside from scenic photography, I really enjoy other typical photography...flowers, insects, fungii, rotting wood, rocks, trees, sunsets, architecture, well...and you name it. One passion is to shoot the Milky Way. Close to that, many years ago when I lived on Long Island, the 60's I think, I did shoot the comet Ikeya-Seki. While living on Long Island, was crew for Bob Brown racing a Lola T70 and was a paid advertising photographer for McMillan Ring Free Oil. We raced at Watkings Glen, Bryar Motorsport, and  our home track, Bridgehampton. My web site includes my creative photography, nature, and special interests. There is also a huge inventory of motorsports photography. As crew for REM Racing, raced up and down the east coast first doing vintage in a Chevron B19, then IndyLite, then Atlantic cars. And currently a media photographer at the Summit Point Raceway in West Virginia.


The End Of Humanity

(painted during the Cold War)

The major feature is the white road of life which leads to the sun. The sun represents the after life. For some of us, that would be God. For others, Hell. To the left of the sun is the "Infinity Bird" or my take on "time". You can see its wings but you do not see that it has a face with a beak and eye. Since it is half way to the "sun", it is half way in the existence of our universe. The road of life is in the middle of our planet. To the left is land and the right, water. Floating on the water with fake roots, is the cause and effect tree. Sitting on top, where man has cut the tree down, is his silly attempt to plant another tree. The mountains are symbols of lifes challenges. Finally, the center of the painting is the consequence of nuclear war...aka THE END OF HUMANITY.You will find other examles of my art. Some of my photography and art was and is influenced by Salvador Dali, his dripping watch, realists like William Michael Harnett. I learned Trompe Loeil from his "After The Hunt". I painted a copy of same.In my "art" gallery, you will find other examples of my silly attempts at the art of painting. I also explored "body casting", the closest form of sculpture.

I am both a Photographer and an Artist. My photographic activity includes Scenic, Flowers, Insects, Fungii, People and Events. My art includes Pen and Ink, Painting, Physical Objects, Body Casting and any sudden inspiration that results in something tangible. I am also a writer and even have a published poem. In fact, my excursions into whatever gives me the right to call myself a "Jerk of All Trades, Master of None". The nice feature of photography is that you and a hundred others can have same photos. But ART, as noted below, is a one of a kind. And that forces me to dictate ridulous prices. Why? Because a work of art takes time, a photo, a fraction of a second. I do not want to sell my art. My daughter can sell it when I move into another form of being. 


 Candle And Egg

 Wild Geranium With Beetle

 Farm With Fence

 Bridge Architecture

 Root Becomes Sculpture
 Japanese Beetle Having LunchMonarch Butterfly
 Rose Of Sharon Breakfast
 1966 CANAM Bridgehampton
 Wooden Iceberg
 Japanese Beetle Having LunchA Tree Divided Can Stand
 Bubba Rhynd #1
 Worm Artistry

Brief Career Resume 

Electrical Engineerng (BSEE 1964 Villanova) and spent 90% of that career in Defense and Intelligence...and did I do some very very interesting and creative work. When I decided to leave the 9 to 5, I was a professional instructor for Learning Tree International teaching "Hands On Microprocessor Hardware, Software, and Interfacing". I left teaching when I came upon the idea of converting dot-matrix printers into scanners. I demo'd my patent to companies like DEC, Centronics, Mannesman Tally. Their comment, "Who would ever want to put pictures into a computer?"

My excursion into photography began when I was around 10 taking family photos with a Kodak Brownie. And recall taking photos of model cars. In high school, as an avid Ham Radio enthusiast, I bought my first Nikon F. In my freshman year in college, along with my Nikon, I was invited to be a year book photographer and the rage those days was owning a 4 x 5 Crown Graphic. After college, as noted above, I bought a second Nikon F and added to my lens, filters, and bellows. I used an Omega B22 Enlarger and had a complete. I joined the company photo club and won awards. I was part crew and paid advertising photographer for McMillan Ring Free Oil with Bob Brown racing a Lola T70. Then moved to Virginia where my career kept me very busy. But, as noted above, and after the failure of my Patent, I went back to racing photography and then on to nature and all the other classic photographic excursions. As an aside, I created a software product line including Quick Cards and Labels, The Complete Wedding and Social Publisher, Quick Shift (racing software). Then bought a Piper Arrow III and became a certified pilot and developed one of the first Aviation Moving Map products. At the same time, was crew for REM Racing including a Chevron B19 Vintage, Indy Lites and Atlantic cars (open wheel).  Worked races up and down the east coast.

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