How To Obtain Free Photos . . .

You cannot click on any display and download a photo. However, there are situations where I can provide you with free photos. When viewing a Gallery that contains free photos (such as some motorsports or public events), make a note of the photo file name. Typically it will be similar to: DSC_1234. Keep a list of the names. Then go to my CONTACTS page and provide your name and email.  Enter the name of the gallery or event and the file names of the photos you desire. I will respond with an email containing the photos which you can print. WARNING: These are for your personal use only. All my photography is protected by copyright law and are so marked. If you are confused on the photo file name, note that the tiny thumbnails display the file name when you hover your mouse over it. Also the OPTIONS button turns on or off a black bar across the photo with the file name.

That's me after a race at Summit Point. The street-legal race car is a Ferrari BB-512.

I was planning to do the Arts & Crafts Fairs. Was even considering buying an RV. Did buy one of those crafts tents. What a pain setting up, arranging the works of art and photography. In any case, I also do racing photography and am a seasonal media photography for Summit Point Raceway in WV. In case you are a race team or driver, please visit, a good friend. It will be a year or two before I can match his skill. My photographic interests currently include pictures of mother nature in all her glory, scenics, flowers, insects, fungi, trees, landscapes, and my latest passion....WOOD. Hows that? I live atop the Blue Ridge and immersed in the woods. I have two antique stoves and lots of wood and a log-splitter. They say wood warms you many times, felling a dead tree, bucking it, hauling it, splitting it and finally, loading and lighting the stoves. But Ansel Adams and Paul Strand would be proud of me. One day, splitting a log, I discovered another one of mother natures environmental processing technologies....bugs. They like to eat damp, rotting wood. And when they do, they leave a chemical trail staining their tunneling. To me, works of art? In addition, I found that some logs split in patterns that are pathways base on the grain. I am forced to photograph these as patterns. So you are going to find lots of silly photos of chunks of wood. Also look for Ashley...a piece of an ash tree, an almost white wood, were there are two bumps clearly mimicing the female chest.

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